Jaiyen Eco Beach Resort

Spark creative possibilities in a spacious cocoon
built in the embrace between jungle and sea.

Jaiyen is a creative home away from home, built to refresh your mind, recharge your body, and renew your spirit.

Life can be overwhelming and hinder access to our creative human nature, personal or relationship growth, and professional development. We aim to provide a harmonious environment for people to find their inner stillness and ignite their creative powers.

Situated on the tropical island of Koh Yao Noi, Thailand, we are committed to nurturing connections to ourselves, our community, and our environment as a way to increase joy.

Jai yen‘—Thai for ‘calm heart’—is a heart characterized by composure and patience. With this ethos, we hope to restore your holistic sense of fulfillment by providing nourishing plant-based cuisine, healthy outlets that spark creative freedom, and resources that empower more self-awareness, compassion, and purposeful productivity in natural surroundings.

We stayed in a Cocoon for 24 hours. Yes, that’s right our own little cocoon. This Tiny home in Thailand is situated on the tropical island of Koh Yao Noi, Thailand called Jaiyen Eco Resort. This unique resort aims to be a place of reconnection and creativity for its guests. Each free-standing room has been built to look like a cocoon, with rounded edges, so that it fits in perfectly with nature. ‘Jai yen‘ is Thai for ‘calm heart’, and while the resort offers what you would expect in terms of resort facilities, it offers some very unique amenities as well – like yoga mats in all rooms, art supplies, an art desk, and musical instruments to name a few.

Nestled in the heart of nature, Jaiyen Resort offers the perfect retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation. In this video, we explore: The serene beauty of Jaiyen Resort Luxurious accommodations designed for comfort and tranquility Wellness activities and treatments to restore your energy Organic, farm-to-table dining experiences Join us on a journey to ultimate relaxation and revitalization at Jaiyen Resort. Subscribe now and immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Thailand’s best-kept secret!

Jaiyen Eco Resort has a restaurant, fitness centre, a garden and shared lounge in Ko Yao Noi. There is a year-round outdoor pool and guests can make use of free WiFi and free private parking.

Seaview Cocoons

Emerge refreshed and renewed from one of our Seaview Cocoons. With clear views of the ocean to experience the most amazing sunsets, our unique bamboo cocoons provide the ultimate creative getaway with barefoot luxury. Our signature rooms offer quiet privacy with open space planning to give you the freedom to relax and be creative.

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Our menu serves healthy, organic food guaranteed to satisfy your culinary taste and fuel your body to increase your creativity. We promote plant-based food, but we also offer some non-vegetarian/vegan options. We can customize the menu to suit your requirements.

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Creative Tools

Painter? Sculptor? Musician? Coder? Illustrator? Songwriter? 3D Artist? Maker? Whatever your creative outlet is, we have specialised tools and workspaces to enable you to make your ideas into reality—right in the comfort of your own room or in collaboration with others.


What do you need to be creative?

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Island Adventures

Island Hopping, Kayaking, Stand-up Paddleboarding, Snorkelling, Open Water Cliff-Diving, Nature Walks, Games, Local Arts & Handicrafts… There’s no shortage of recreational activities for you to enjoy socially, or explore on your own to get closer to nature and the local Thai culture.

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Who we are

What's unique about our resort / home?

At a material level, we offer most of the expected resort facilities. What’s a little bit different is that we exist with the intention to help visitors to experience what their soul most needs; whether that’s reconnecting meaningfully with loved ones, being alone, creating art, reflecting on a necessary life shift, or connecting with nature in order to keep the flame of inspiration burning onward in our heart along our journey.

To support this, we aim to offer a variety of tools including yoga mats in all rooms, tilting art desks, nourishing plant-based food, homely service, awesome sunset views, painting tools, musical instruments, a beachfront, dozens of games, relationship-strengthening prompts, a bay perfect for kayaking, a punching bag, and Muay Thai gear, an outdoor gym, kettlebells, gym rings, a yin-yang hot and cold spa, steam room, a sauna, unlimited filtered drinking water, plus free hugs, free chats, and human comradery.

Guests and friends have stayed to write books, paint, draw, build better relationships, create motivational courses and content, and create amazing memories. Many beautiful friendships have formed here. To get the most out of this place, we encourage you to bring the intention to create something uplifting – even if it’s a mindset – for yourself or others. 

We’d like the Earth and its inhabitants to suffer as little as possible due to our business. This is why we used bamboo to build our domes, which are made to feel as organic as possible by emulating the curves of nature instead of the block shapes that make up most artificial structures. Our cocoon-like rooms should feel like a nice hug from Mother Nature.

We don’t serve meat but are more than happy to refer you to nearby local seafood restaurants and businesses. For us, community support is as important as supporting the ecosystem.

We have a food garden with medicinal herbs, vegetables, fruits, spices, and flowers. Our long-term goal is to implement a full permaculture system.

We honor all individuals as thinking, feeling, and evolving beings, and acknowledge that we all thrive from extra support. We hope that you find our space beneficial to experiencing more joy, more beauty, and more soulfulness. Your kindness, ideas, and attitude of openness are well-received here.

Jaiyen” means ‘Calm Heart’ in Thai. We believe that Jaiyen, both our place and a calm heart, are ideal spaces from which we can cultivate the recharging and strengthening of the spirit.