Lifestyle art exchange
Lifestyle work exchange

Work. Play. Live.
Be. Do. Live.
Work. Rest. Play.
Work. Eat. Sleep. Play. Repeat.
Connect. Create. Collaborate.

Choose your length of stay.

The minimum length of stay for this offer is 7 days. Maximum 90 days depending on your visa eligibility.

Offer your value exchange.

Some ideas: skillshare,  work-trade, profit share, commission, joint venture, equity.

Send your application.

If it suits our current needs and availability, your stay will be discounted by the equivalent percentage or fair value exchange.


Stay: 14 days

Value offer: 10% profit share in product line

Exchange: 10% off room, food & beverage

Background: Tim has run his own startup for about a year, but needs a break from working IN the business so he can recharge and work ON the business. He’s given himself 2 weeks to take a break from the office, renew his health, gather his thoughts, and work on some strategies moving forward to take his business and products to the next level. He exchanged a 10% profit share in his next product line for a 10% discount to stay at Jaiyen.

Stay: 30 days

Value offer: 10% equity

Exchange: 20% off room, food & beverage

Background: Sophie has a successful small business and is launching a new brand. She needs focused time to work on the plan, create content, and build a website. As it’s a new concept, there’s risk involved in taking it to market, but she’s confident it will do well. At Jaiyen, not only can she live a healthy lifestyle balancing around her irregular schedule in the ‘creative zone’, she can get business consulting, a website, copywriting, content creation, and access to tools and resources, all under the same roof. She is willing to exchange 10% equity in her business, and after reviewing the risk/reward of the venture, Jaiyen decides on a 20% ongoing discount.

Stay: 30 days

Value offer: 15% profit share, 35% commission

Exchange: 50% off room, food & beverage

Background: Jo is an artist who produces regular commercial and commissioned works. She wants to venture out of her studio to have a month-long tropical getaway to get reinspired for her next collection, but can’t afford the cash expense of a luxury resort or shipping all her tools, because COVID. She’s willing to give a 15% profit share of her next collection, plus 35% commission for any works made, displayed and sold at the resort. In exchange, Jaiyen gives a 50% discount on her stay, including all the necessary art tools and equipment she needs to produce her work.

Stay: 21 days

Value offer: 15% commission

Exchange: 25% off room, food & beverage

Background: Johannes is a motivational coach who has also completed his certification in physical therapy and wants to combine his skills to offer bespoke retreats and private sessions. He’s given himself 21 days to establish an online presence and test his services at the resort to gain valuable feedback. Aside from receiving help with his branding, website, and business, he also gets the added benefit of focusing on his craft while the team at Jaiyen takes care of his clients’ hospitality needs.  He exchanged a 15% commission from his private sessions and future retreats for a 25% discount during his stay Jaiyen.