Jaiyen Island Resort’s Menu is Natural


In a conscious effort to minimize our impact on our environment, we offer primarily plant-based optimal, seasonal fruits, and healthy drinks for health and nutrition. Our produce is harvested from our own organic garden or sourced from the local farmer’s market.

We do offer (limited) meat and dairy options. You know how most other restaurants have some vegan and vegetarian options – we do it the opposite way! If you have any questions, just ask.

Chef Yao’s dishes are perfected with the careful balance of authentic Thai flavors of a culinary master, through many years as a fine-dining chef in Thailand and internationally. Her soft-spoken demeanor embodies the gentle nature and family-style environment at Jaiyen that empowers her to continue crafting plant-based cuisine with fresh creativity, joyful ease, and lightness.

If you hear piercing loud laughter, it’s definitely Ning! Her energy, charisma, and commitment to take life less seriously are why we love her. She has a lifetime of experience in local cuisine, which consists of many curries, spices, noodles, comfort, and… have we mentioned spices? Ning’s creations, just like her, are full of vitality, boldness, and heartiness. Ning is your Thai mother here at Jaiyen.

Shela has been creating plant-based meals for over a decade, though she was raised on a primarily Thai / European diet of cold cuts, white rice and meat. After switching to plants, she experienced a huge shift in energy, clarity, digestion, optimal focus and physical balancing. She became certified in Vegan Nutrition and has been hooked ever since in understanding the endless benefits of eating produce sourced as close to the Earth as possible.


Far from your everyday cook, Kevin has been playfully experimenting with culinary creations inspired by his mother’s encouragement of his imagination since childhood. From managing a Pizza Hut franchise in his teens to co-founding the Pure Vegan Heaven restaurant group in Thailand, his unconventional approach to nutrition is tinged with both researched detail and decadent delight.


Topped with granola & served with Soy or Almond milk & seasonal fruit.

Fruit Platter
Freshly cut seasonal fruit mix.

Smoothie Bowl
Seasonal fruit smoothie bowl with various toppings.

Khao Tom
Boiled rice berry porridge with veggies & condiments.

Double stack with brown sugar syrup. Served with your choice of banana or peanut butter.

3 eggs; scrambled, fried, boiled, or in an omelet, with mixed veggies and 2 slices of toast.

Morning Mix
Mini Breggfast (2 eggs / 2 toast / small veg) with fruit & granola cup.

Khanom Jeen
Rice noodles, spiced yellow curry & raw veggies.

Fried Rice
Riceberry with veggies. Egg, tofu, or pineapple optional.


Som Tum
Fresh green papaya with carrot, tomato & long beans, topped with a mild chili-lime dressing & peanuts.

Jed See
“7 colour” mix of veggies, served with a toasted crunchy coconut garnish & sweet dressing.

Teriyaki Tofu
“7 colour” mix of veggies, served with a toasted crunchy coconut garnish & sweet dressing.

Pad Grapao
Minced tofu fried with Thai basil, chili & veggies.

Khao Yam
Traditional mix of raw veggies, herbs and rice, served with a Budu dressing.

Pad Pak Ruam
Stir-fried veggies with kale, tofu, morning glory & broccoli.


Veggies & Dip
Chopped raw veggies with sweet chili or Kewpie roasted sesame sauce.

Spring Rolls
Fried vegetarian spring rolls with sweet chili sauce.

Stove-popped and lightly salted.

Siam Slice
Thai-style mixed vegetable pizza with a vegan mayonnaise sauce on a crispy rice-paper base.


Steamed Riceberry – rich in antioxidants & fiber for digestion, as well as lowering cholesterol & glucose levels – it helps nourish skin, prevent wrinkles & slows aging.

Hand-mashed potatoes, or roasted with olive oil & rosemary.

Fried Rice
Riceberry with veggies. Egg, tofu, or pineapple optional.


Tom Yum
Sweet, spicy & sour clear soup with veggies.

Tom Kha
Sweet, spicy & sour coconut milk soup with veggies.

Tom Jeud
Clear broth with vermicelli noodles & veggies.


Pad Khee Mao
Fried rice noodles with broccoli, carrots, corn, peppers & sprouts.

Suki Haeng
Dry fried glass noodles with garlic, veggies, egg, sweet chili & soy.

Tom Kha Twist
Our signature Thai fusion of Tom Kha with noodles.

Kiew Wan Sen
Our signature Thai fusion of Gaeng Kiew Wan with noodles.


Kiew Wan
Green curry + veggies, kaffir lime & red chili.

Southern region curry + potatoes, soy protein, veggies & peanuts.

Red curry + coconut milk, tofu, soy protein & veggies.


Banana Bliss
Fried bananas coated in a crispy coconut & sesame flour batter.

Sticky rice & fresh mango, drenched in a sweet salted coconut cream sauce.

Nice Cream
Two scoops of homemade vegan coconut, mango, or cacao ice-cream (seasonal).