Our purpose is to nurture fulfilling connections and spark creative possibilities.


Our vision is to cultivate the most conducive environments for transformative healing and increase human capacity to create the extraordinary.


Our mission is to help people regain perspective and focus on appreciating what really matters in our world, renewing their intuitive sense of purpose and inspiring positive change. By providing experiences to restore calm, reinvigorate health and reconnect our spirit to extraordinary surroundings, we spark a sense of wonder and unlock the abundance of creativity in our human nature.

Our core values

Practice ‘jaiyen’.

‘Jaiyen’ encapsulates a mindset of calm, harmony and balance, which is best created than found. There are many tools available to practice the mindset beyond right-wrong; good-bad; doing-being; discipline-enjoyment; our perspective-others’ perception; yin-yang, and so on. This practice can be taken wherever we venture.

As within,
so without.

We treat people and things the same or better than we would like to be treated. We seek to know and exercise boundaries, whether our own or other’s. We practice owning up, accountability and self-reflection.

Dare to share.

We express thoughts, desires and opinions with candor, in a clear, empathetic manner. We express positive thoughts and do not bottle unmet expectations.

Choose your
own adventure.

Only you know your unique journey and how to best actualise it. Tune into intuition and exercise initiative, for there is no prescribed course in exploring, creating, collaborating, and sharing. If you require support, just ask.

Recognise your reflection.

We recognise ourselves in all others and put this in practice by giving with love, and receiving with gratitude.

Know your part, use your heart.

We are aware of our role within Jaiyen, in the greater community of Koh Yao Noi and as global citizens. We exercise compassion toward the people, culture and environments we enter, striving for better without imposition.


We are mindful of our footprint, output, consumption, and usage of resources in order to minimise excess and waste.

Remember, you’re part of nature.

Everything has natural cycles, including us. We encourage interaction with these cycles through more natural habits. Some examples include waking up and setting with the sun, eating seasonal produce and edibles from the land, interacting with animals and plants, adjusting to the climate and taking cold showers.