What are we doing?

We are offering safe and idyllic long-term accommodation in an island resort at an affordable price, for people who align with our ethos of creative and environmental wellness. Work on yourself, with others, or with the environment away from the distractions of the rest of the world. What can you achieve in perfect conditions for self-care and productivity?

Why are we doing it?

With growing economic uncertainty and anxiety over global health, we foresee the months ahead of us becoming an opportunity to look within and upgrade ourselves for what’s to come. Instead of giving in to fearful separation, let’s view it as a moment ripe for re-evaluation, contemplation, strengthening our physical and mental health, inner reflection, self-work, online work, creative expression, small community bonding and quality time with the ones we love. 

With the many restrictions imposed on general urban lifestyles such as scarcity of resources, bans, restrictions and general fear of public safety, we want to extend the opportunity to take advantage of our abundance of resources, unrestricted movement on a warm, tropical island, and to be free from the fear of contracting the virus that shall not be named (since it doesn’t exist here!).

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for proactive ideators and creators with a proven track record of making a positive and tangible impact in self-development, innovative technology, community building, and environmental sustainability.

People who are open to doing the work to connect, create, and contribute; whether to improve personal development, community building, or environmental regeneration. For example:

  • Permaculture / Green thumbs who can improve our food production and spruce up our garden.
  • Off-grid Energy pioneers who can implement renewable infrastructures to reduce our consumption.
  • Sales and Marketing mavericks who can boost our brand presence and sales.
  • Wealth and Investment hackers who can increase our revenue streams.
  • Creative artists (visual, literal, musical, experience designers, etc.) who can beautify the space in collaboration with us and create ‘wow’ moments.
  • Professionals who can share skills and techniques for health and self-improvement and teach or certify us to teach others.

What do you get?


Abundant fresh food, sunshine, clean air, gym and spa facilities, a safe and hygienic environment, and WiFi on a tropical eco-friendly resort — at a fraction of the normal cost, on an inexpensive and COVID-free island.


Your minimal financial contribution to help us keep our doors open and employ staff, plus a skill contribution (at least 1 hour a day or a block during the week) which will help us continue fulfilling our purpose during this unforeseen period around the globe.

  • You will receive private accommodation in one of our cocoons. We will assign the best room available pending regular customer bookings.
  • Daily chef-prepared breakfast for 2 adults. (á la carte dish + tea/coffee/juice)
  • Regular housekeeping.
  • Access to Gym, Spa, Sauna, Steam room, Infinity pool.
  • Free WiFi, creative tools, books, toys, games, some instruments, etc. (upon request).
  • Prices in foreign currencies are an approximation. Final prices will be calculated in THB (Thai Baht).


How does it work?


Pick a package based on your desired length of stay,
any additions, and the dates you wish to reserve.


Let us know about you, your needs,
expectations, and intentions for your stay.


Send your application for us to review
and we will respond with available dates.


30 days (29 nights)

(฿1,200 daily incl. breakfast)
EU €35 daily / EU €1,000 total
US $40 daily / US $1,155 total
AU $55 daily / AU $1,611 total

21 days (20 nights)

(฿1,333 daily incl. breakfast)
EU €35 daily / EU €750 total
US $45 daily / US $895 total
AU $60 daily / AU $1,253 total

14 days (13 nights)

(฿1,467 daily incl. breakfast)
EU €40 daily / EU €550 total
US $45 daily / US $660 total
AU $65 daily / AU $919 total

7 days (6 nights)

(฿1,600 daily incl. breakfast)
EU €45 daily / EU €300 total
US $50 daily / US $360 total
AU $70 daily / AU $500 total


  • Daily meal plan including lunch, and dinner (meal = 1 dish + drink): ฿700 per person, per day.
  • Additional Adults / Kids above 2yrs are ฿600 per person, per night.
  • Children under 2 yrs old are free.
  • One-way airport transfer from Phuket or Krabi to Jaiyen from ฿1,800 single /฿2,400 couple.
  • Bicycle rental: ฿250 daily or ฿200 daily for one week or more.
  • Scooter rental ฿300 daily or ฿250 daily for one week or more.
  • Laundry service from ฿400.
  • 60 min in-room massage starting from ฿600.
  • Kayak rental from ฿400 daily.
  • Private Island tours starting from ฿2,800 per couple.

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer is available for reservations until  December 31, 2020 (adjustable depending on value exchange).
  • Packages are priced for up to 2 people.
  • Maximum occupancy per room is 3 adults OR 2 adults + 2 children.
  • Reservations must be secured with a 10% non-refundable deposit, with the full amount for your booking paid at least 7 days prior to arrival.
  • Cancellations or date changes will only be considered if there are official medical or Government-issued travel restrictions.

How to apply

  • Send the following to [email protected] or our Facebook Messenger:
    • Full name
    • Facebook or Instagram profile
    • Preferred check-in and check-out dates
    • Short bio or bullet points on who you are, what you stand for, what you’ve done, what you can contribute / exchange, etc. We’ll be living together for a week to a month or longer, so anything useful that you can share honestly (even if it’s a weird quirk, or triggers to watch out for) would be appreciated.
    • Please read Our Ethos and the About Us page on our website to see if we’re aligned. Nobody’s perfect and we all have our issues to face and work through. We are inviting people who practice compassion and cultivate self-awareness in their daily life. We have a strict no dickheads or divas policy for this offer.
  • Applicants will be screened and notified if successful.

Schedule/Program Options

For this particular period, we don’t have a retreat schedule or strict program to offer as everyone has different reasons and needs for being here. However, we do have some suggestions as to how you might choose to spend your time in a structured flow based on your level of energy and intensity for the day. We’re happy to share what we know and have experienced in these activities though we are not certified experts.

In keeping things simple, we suggest an approach of ‘Sit, Stretch, Smash, Share’ when choosing activities;

  • SIT encompasses anything introspective and relaxing, to do withself-reflection and self-care.
  • STRETCH extends your comfort zone, giving space to expand thoughts into words and actions.
  • SMASH those barriers, focus with intensity on your goals, and build new habits for a better you.
  • SHARE is a component specifically for this promotion, which covers what you can contribute to improve the Jaiyen environment, create a better team, or refine operational systems so that we can become a place of learning and sharing for future visitors.

Some suggestions on ways to embody Jaiyen…


Carefree Koala
Known for sleeping up to 22 hours in a day, they are the ultimate rest-mode creature.

“Meow” pen rai
Like a worry-less cat, unconcerned with energetic waste, yet always ready to pounce.

Monkey Mind Master
Ants in your pants? That’s OK. Fuel your engine and keep the creative juice flowing.

Intensity Level


Medium Spicy

7 AM–12 PM

Sleep in
Read / Draw
Creative writing


Yoga / Pilates
Stretch / Romwod
Refine your Diet
Brainstorm ideas
Draw / Paint / Write
Plan life / business
Give to community


Yoga / Pilates
HIIT workout
Weight training
Run / Bike

8 AM – 11 AM



Beach / Pool
Beanbags / Egg chairs
Explore nutrition

Pool chill
Create art/ sculpture

Read / Learn
Build / Sculpt
Implement Plans
Practice Habits

1 PM – 3 PM



Share stories

Read / Learn
Sunset beach walk

HIIT workout
Weight training
Sunset bike ride


Cultivate the garden
Share a lesson
Consult on a project
Teach a skill
Build / Create
Run a workshop
Lead a masterclass
Perform / Entertain
7 PM – 9 PM
Journal Journal



About Us

Jaiyen is a new, nature-inspired resort and creative space with a unique atmosphere and focus that merges artistry with wellness. It offers holistic, personalized services to help people reconnect to their purpose and ignite creative power with the availability of various tools, equipment, and instruments.

We aim to attract proactive leaders, creatives, and impact-driven visionaries who require a safe and intimate space for self-reflection and respite or to hold collaborative think-tanks and strategic sessions away from stale and traditional suburban environments. We encourage healthy practices that can be integrated into daily lifestyle, providing modern creature comforts in natural and comfortable surroundings.

We currently have 10 cocoons in total, each overlooking the ocean. There are 4x Deluxe Cocoons with AC, TV, WiFi, and 6x Standard Cocoons with AC & WiFi only, each with 70 sqm internal / 35 sqm external space to accommodate individuals, couples or groups. 

We prefer to keep total capacity small and intimate so as to allow more space for personal immersion, integration & deeper social interactions. 1-3 adults or 2 adults /1 child per cocoon is ideal.

On-site Features 

  • Common area/workspace
  • 12m Infinity Pool & wading area
  • Outdoor Fitness station
  • Hot/Cold yin-yang pool, sauna, & steam rooms
  • Organic food garden
  • Á la carte dining & private chef
  • Printing, prototyping, handcrafting tools
  • Selection of educational, inspirational and creative books and art supplies

Extra activities

  • Bicycle, Scooter and Sidecar rental
  • Island Hopping Tours
  • PADI Diving courses / Snorkeling
  • Cultural Tours
  • Massage outdoors or in-room
  • Kayak / SUP rental
  • Hiking / Rock climbing
  • Cooking Classes
  • Farm Tours
  • Batik painting & handcrafts
  • Tribal Markers® playtime 
  • Community Initiatives