What will you choose today?

We live in a world where anyone can choose to do anything they put their mind to… Some choices may be made for us at birth or through circumstance, but as soon as we gain some awareness as conscious beings, we gain the power to choose our reality.

Barring uncontrollable acts of nature, war, or anything else out of a person’s immediate scope of control, one could come from a slum in a “developing” country (are we not all developing?) and choose to work diligently to be a neurosurgeon operating on the complexities of the human brain. Or on another end of the spectrum, one could be born into a billionaire’s family and choose to relinquish material goods, living on rice and lentils for the rest of their life, living with tribes in the jungle.

The choice is ours — every day.

Yet some choose complacency, mediocrity – the easy path. Whatever will get me through this day alive and ahead of others — over and over again — until we die. Some of us are still choosing survival mode, just like our prehistoric ancestors; cave-dwelling people who had to survive against predators, running from lions or fighting tribes for resources.

We’re still doing the same thing, except now the beasts we’re getting chased by are predators we humans designed ourselves; banks, debt collectors, the unfulfilling jobs we’ve chosen… the mental illness and dis-ease of modern society.

And we’re still fighting; except instead of sticks and stones, we’ve designed guns, tanks, fighter jets, battleships, bombs… And the almighty government regulation, sanction, or act — even that word’s design has been misconstrued — instead of ‘act’ as in ‘taking action’, some are merely ‘acting’ in a corrupt, illusionary powerplay at the expense of others.

How long will it take before we allow the mistakes in ‘design’ that our forefathers made in the past to destroy our future?

How can we stay blind to this false notion of survival, instead of paying attention to what’s been in front of us the entire time of our existence? Perhaps the answer to life’s true design and purpose is right here; we breathe it every day, prey on its resources, and fight to destroy it around the world — yet nature doesn’t just survive ‘us’ — it thrives.

We are nature. Every cell, every molecule in our being shares something with every other thing in this universe. All the knowledge in the universe is carried in a single ray of light. Our vibration, our frequency, electrical signal, DNA, thoughts, and intentions are all connected, whether we understand quantum physics or not. We are infinite beings, defined by a finite body and limited by a restrictive vocabulary.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out… that by my writing of that phrase, we somehow connected on a mental level: my intent in quoting that idiom initiated your comprehension of the term; and through the delivery of light to your eyes, that converted to electrical impulses, that searched deep in your neural database to reference the term and add meaning to it, we just connected in a fraction of a second.

We have this same connection to nature because we are a part of it. We’ve just forgotten how to communicate. We added our human side and separated ourselves from nature, thinking we were smarter and better by design. Superior to all.

Clearly, over the years, we’ve learned that’s not the case. While we as a species may have overcome certain challenges with the advantage of our opposable thumbs and innovative brains, we’ve also bastardised design and created some abhorrent inventions of irreversible destruction.

It’s time to change that. We’ve learned from our mistakes.

Around the world, there is a collective consciousness awakening amongst humans to redesign our inhabitance on this planet. To redesign life as it was intended, for the benefit of all nature to thrive. 

We have the choice, the power, the will, and the resources now to choose our hearts in alignment with our heads. Do well, for the sake of good. Support nature — our nature — and help us grow. Remember your connection and spark your imagination to create a new reality.

We live in a world where anyone can choose to do anything they put their mind to…

What will you choose today?

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