Our Client's Testimonials

All-inclusive resorts in the Gulf of Thailand are perfect for those looking for a secluded beachfront getaway.

Jaiyen Eco Resort goes one step further in creating a harmonious connection with nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland resorts.

We also have Wellness retreats, vegan and vegetarian cuisine, and nature trekking.

lady on a boat on the water in Thailand

Maybe the best meal we had on the island. Everything was fresh, tasty and a feast for the eyes. We didn’t stay as guests but everyone is welcome in the gorgeous lounge/restaurant with a perfect sunset view. Bonus points for the cute kitty lounging along with us.

Rooms: 5/5Service: 5/5Location: 5/5
Food & drinks
lots of veggie and vegan options
Hotel highlights
Luxury, Great view, Romantic, Quiet, Great value, High-tech
Anne Sophie, Traveller

Had left a review 3 years ago which needs updating, since i have been here so often. This is what i wrote 3 years ago: “Brilliant eco resort run by Shela and Kevin – their hosting is warm and thoughtful. Stunning sunsets, excellent vegetarian food (but easy to order in seafood or Italian food from nearby restaurants), engaging company. Open air gym, infinity pool. Rooms are spacious and well appointed. Sweeping views. Highly, highly recommended”.

All this time since then has made the place better and better – never has it looked so great as now. Small changes and improvements here and there show the care and devotion with which the owner sets about to showcase a place with a real peaceful vibe.

Our stay this time was marred only by an obnoxious couple complaining, well, about everything. They had the temerity to post a one-out-of-five review lamenting that there are mozzies in Thailand’s rainy season and that juice squeezed out of oranges isn’t naturally cold. Silly stuff which made us and other guests giggle whilst we soak up the magical and serene spirit of the place.

Jaiyen is an extraordinary place with breathtaking sunsets, too majestic to easily describe in text. Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful place indeed.

Rooms: 5/5Service: 5/5Location: 5/5
Hotel highlights
Great view, Romantic, Quiet, Kid-friendly, Great value
Mark Reinecke, Tourist